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        Google News

        Google News

        Google News is a simple module to add a block to your drupal site to display the latest Google News headlines on sections you choose.

        Stay up to the minute on news with Google News module on your drupal site.

        The different news sections settings in Google News module are

        • Top Stories
        • World
        • Business
        • Politics
        • Nation
        • Entertainment
        • Technology
        • Sports
        • Health

        The Google News block comes with two display setting.

        1. Medium rectangle (300 x 250) - Default
        2. Leaderboard (728 x 90)


        • You can enter the custom News Section to display.
        • Language support of 40 Languages.


        After you activated the module (at "admin/modules"), you can put the block to any region on your page (using "admin/structure/block").