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        Scrolling Titlebar Text

        Scrolling Titlebar Text

        Scrolling Titlebar Text module is a simple Lightweight module which make the Browser's Title bar text to Scroll or Marquee (Text Effect). Scrolling Titlebar Text is the essential module for most of the websites for its Title Bar Text effect which grabs website visitor's attention.

        Scrolling Titlebar uses a small custom JavaScript Function.

        The settings in Scrolling Titlebar Text module are

        • Scroll or Marquee Speed. (in milliseconds)
        • Page Title End String

        The default value for scroll or marquee speed is 300 ms. The Page title for scrolling is terminate with this end string. The default value for page title end string is two white spaces. You can configure it in Administrator Settings (admin/config/user-interface/scrolling-titlebar).