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        Responsive Corporate

        Responsive Corporate

        Responsive Corporate is a responsive, feature-rich Drupal 7 theme which is perfect for any business, portfolio site that requires full mobile support and also wants a site that looks elegant, professional and awesome.
        The fully responsive layout makes it so users on both computers and mobile devices can browse your site with great ease, so you will no longer lose potential clients!


        • Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Theme
        • Simple and Clean Design
        • 1-column and 2-columns layout
        • Mobile support (Smartphone, Tablet, Android, iPhone, etc)
        • Flex Image Slideshow with Caption (Customizable)
        • Multi-level drop-down menus (Multilingual menu)
        • HTML5 & super clean markup
        • A total of 12 block regions
        • Drupal standards compliant
        • Minimal design and nice typography
        • Ideal for business, company and portfolio sites
        • Extended footer area with 4 footer blocks
        • Credit : Slideshow Images by bebegarden
        • Detailed CSS rules for Typography, Forms Elements, Node Teaser, Comments, etc.